There are some great points throughout this reading. Some things gave me confidence, while others made me a bit apprehensive. That being said, what really stood out to me was the part on the first page about the people we work for or will work for not being our teachers. Therefore, they don't owe us anything and aren't obligated to teach us anything. Is it scary? Yes, but it's okay because the next part is quite profound: "...but it does mean that once you change your frame of reference from 'being taught' to 'learning', you will learn more in your first year at work than you did in the previous four years of college" (133). Wow!
Another thing that this reading has reminded me of—and I say reminded because I know this, most designers know this, but it's still good to be reminded—is to get to know yourself and be honest about what you know and what you don't know. It has also made it very apparent that we can't become too comfortable in our professions. Programs, systems, and technology are always changing. Although it may seem stressful at the moment, I know that's one of the things I love about design. It's truly a living, breathing thing that is always growing, changing, and on the move. I'm ready to embrace the journey, even though sometimes I wish there were actual signs directing us to the right path. But then again, how would we learn without making mistakes...?
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