I am a graphic designer who has a passion for connecting people to ideas, cultures, other people, and experiences through design.  As I continue my journey, the more I see how I can use my design skills to positively impact my community, the more I want to grow as a designer.
I  graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Art with a BFA in Graphic Design as well as receiving an AS in Graphic Design from Northwest Arkansas Community College (in 2017). Both were great experiences where I grew in confidence and was able to take constructive criticism as a designer. This time also helped set me up with the skills to have successful moments as a professional designer during my time at the Belford Group in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and now as a freelancer. I've learned how to collaborate and grow, even now as I work with other designers in other areas of the country. 
Delving deep into graphic design (through the BFA program) has been a great experience, though it was a challenge to balance with a family (their school, soccer season, and work, yikes!). I’m proud to reflect on my progress on my journey and how it all started. As a married teen mom struggling to finish high school… After checking high school off the list, I decided to take time off to raise my kids. Being a mom definitely gave me some life skills to prepare me and give me the courage to take the leap and enroll myself in college. Beyond my own personal goals of making a better life, I hope that my life’s journey can inspire those who find themselves in a similar position. It’s worth taking the leap! Within graphic design, I’ve found my purpose. It is the perfect creative outlet that keeps me excited. It allows me to meet great people, whether it’s collaborating on a project together or helping them communicate their message using my creative skills.
A sentence to sum me up: I love being creative and having a good laugh!  
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