I'm a passionate versatile graphic designer dedicated to forging connections between people and fresh ideas through design. As my design journey unfolds, I find the more I recognize the potential of my skills to create a positive impact on the world, the stronger my desire to evolve as a designer becomes.
My true joy lies in crafting complete brand ecosystems. I relish the opportunity to breathe life into businesses and discover inventive ways to express their unique identity while remaining faithful to their brand's distinct language.
Thank you for stopping by! If you're considering a design project, let's chat and explore the possibilities together.
A bit more about me:
+ My family includes my husband, my high-school sweetheart (we've been married for 17 years), our two beautiful kids, and my delightful, sassy dog, Pinto Bean the Frenchie.
+ I am the second/middle child out of four siblings
+ Water holds a special place in my heart! It's not just my favorite drink, but I adore being in and around it. If I could sprout gills and a mermaid tail, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Going on nature trail walks, being in nature, love it too!
+ I'm a huge fan of movie marathons, whether it's Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Marvel/DC, Shrek, LOTR, and the list goes on. On the flip side, my guilty pleasure is indulging in some trashy reality TV. (Real Housewives, anyone?)
+ I tend to possess an audacious belief that I can do it all. To clarify, this only applies to home DIY and ambitious personal art projects. I'm joking, but at the same time, I have gotten us into a few pickles taking on a home DIY we probably had no business trying to do. 
+ In a quirky twist, I once had a side gig crafting piñatas. Occasionally, I come out of retirement to create one for special occasions.
What people I've worked with have to say about me:
From a fellow team-member

"Jackie and I worked together on the Marketing team at RevUnit. I was blown away by Jackie's ability to take a design concept and bring it to life, always making it better than what we had even envisioned. I wrote the copy and content for the pieces that Jackie would design, and I've been honored and thrilled to share those pieces with others ever since because of her great work. Jackie is a hard-working and extremely talented individual with a focused attention to detail. She is the team player that everyone hopes they will be teamed up with, making her future employers the truly lucky ones!"
From a VP of Marketing

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Jackie at RevUnit, and would recommend her to anyone. She's a real gem. Jackie is a hard-working designer who goes the extra mile. She would work nights and weekends if needed to meet deadlines without complaint. Her talent as a visual designer is evident in her ability to bring brands to life through a visual language. She evolved our entire visual brand at RevUnit, making it more modern, uniquely us, and consistent. What else is remarkable about Jackie is her composure under pressure. I've never seen her flustered, no matter how demanding the project (and there were quite a few). She's a calming influence on the team. I wholeheartedly endorse Jackie for any design or branding role. Her dedication, talent, and ability to do what's needed make her an asset to any organization."
From a Manager

"Jackie and I worked closely for a little over two years as we scaled a B2B marketing team, and she’s easily the most talented designer I’ve ever worked with in my career. From creating and launching sophisticated visual assets for demand gen campaigns to elevating high-stakes executive pitches to intuitive website redesigns and endless branded content, she’s enhanced our brand at every turn. She finds creative ways to push the brand sensibly and delightfully; her All Hands branding brought our company culture to life and enhanced how we gathered together yearly. She understands that visual communication impacts everything from landing revenue to how employees feel in the company they work for. She truly “gets it.” She is one of the most adaptable and flexible designers and teammates I’ve trusted deeply to deliver the highest quality work over the years. 11/10 would recommend her to any organization looking to enhance their brand."
From a cross functional team-member

"Jackie and I worked side-by-side as peers for two years, and her prowess in typography and marketing design consistently impressed me. A prime example of her expertise was her impeccable crafting of marketing materials - from pitch decks and one-pagers to RFP responses; she nailed it all within the timelines provided. Jackie also ensured brand consistency across every platform, including events, our website, and email outreach. What sets her apart is her superb communication skills. She doesn't just execute; she delves deep with clarifying questions, ensuring the end product aligns perfectly with business needs. Always ready to lend a hand, Jackie's proactive approach makes her invaluable. Given a chance, I'd collaborate with Jackie again in a heartbeat. Her ability to understand and exceed expectations makes her an outstanding marketing asset for any organization."
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