Advice... I always welcome advice from those who care and those who have experience. The following are points taken from Frank Chimero's advice, that stuck out to me or just things I want to carry with me: 
Quiet is always an option, even if everyone is yelling.
Thoughtfulness is free and burns on time and empathy: You may not be as skillful with the software or techniques or be able to afford all the cool gadgets, but "beat them by being more thoughtful".
Develop a point of view: Think about experiences you have and others don't then vice versa. Then combine or mash them up to try and make them "cry or laugh or feel understood". 
When you’re aimlessly pushing things around on a computer screen, print it out and push it around in real space: This is great, and something I never thought of. If it is going to live beyond digital it should be tested and manipulated in the space that it will live in.
+ 'When you ride the bus, imagine that you are looking at everything from the point of view of someone else on the ride.'
In the end I just think all you really have is perspective that of yourself or others. Nothing really changes but perspective. 

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