During my time at New Lion Media Group, one of the subsidiary companies I collaborated with was The Future Fan. This company aimed to provide comprehensive services encompassing curation, production, and fulfillment of marketing programs tailored to engage and expand their clients' distinctive fan and customer bases, primarily focusing on university youth sports programs.
My responsibilities varied; sometimes, I adhered closely to the universities' brand guidelines, while on other occasions, I conceptualized mock-ups to showcase potential offerings such as "this is what your future fan box and swag could look like," as part of pitches for prospective clients. These opportunities allowed me to experiment and push the creative boundaries of the brand. Once a mock-up design received approval, my role shifted to translating it into a production/print file, ensuring accuracy in color codes, art placement, dimensions, and adherence to any other instructions provided.
Here are a few examples of mockups and production files I've created. Additionally, during my time at New Lion, I designed a variety of items including crayon boxes, coloring books, package envelopes, wristbands, headbands, slap bands, t-shirts, boxes, lunchboxes, water bottles, key chains, backpacks, and name tags for various university youth sports programs.

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