Creating a Video Ad
Collaborating closely with our copywriter, we had the exciting task of crafting a 15-30-second video advertisement for one of RevUnit's offerings – a Data Visualization Audit. Our primary goal with this video was to immediately capture viewers' attention by addressing the key pain points associated with data visualization and presenting our solution. Furthermore, we aimed to establish trust and conclude the video with a compelling Call to Action (CTA). 
Addressing the Pain Points:
– Visualizing the right data to actually make an impact on your business should be easier
– But outdated enterprise software keeps teams in the Stone Age
– And the new tools that are supposed to help just end up creating chaos as everyone creates their own “pretty” version of the data        

Presenting the Solution:
–  You need professional help. Our teams can help you create compelling data visualizations that actually make an impact on your business.

Building Trust by:
– Demonstrating our extensive experience working with enterprise companies in the realm of data visualization.
– Emphasizing that we possess best practices and a team of visualization experts to bring order to the chaos.

– Encouraging viewers to take the next step by getting started with our data visualization audit (with a direct link to the offering on our website). 
It's Go Time
Having finalized the script, I segmented it and paired each segment with corresponding visual concepts. In the next phase, I transformed the script and visual concept pairing into a comprehensive storyboard. After incorporating feedback from the team, I proceeded to bring the finalized storyboard to life using After Effects, creating engaging and on-brand animations for the video. This video served as a paid advertisement on YouTube, driving traffic to our website's offering.
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