After reading about the different designers and the different ways they work, different places they work, and the different sizes of design teams excites me, but overwhelms me a bit to be honest. I love the idea of choices and am excited that there are so many different ways you can go with a background in design. Yet it overwhelms me because I’m the type of person that wants to try and do it all! I just want to learn everything. So, I know I’ll have to just take a leap and choose to go to an in-house or to a small vs. large design agency. I could really relate to Albert Hicks IV (who works as a designer at WAX Studios). I am also currently working at a small studio where the team is small so you get to form really great friendships with the people you work. As well as multiple responsibilities and I do like it but the idea of spreading my wings and trying out new things. As Holly Gressley (Principal Designer at Vox Media), who will work on one major project with a team that focuses on developing that one project and really getting to develop the skills needed rather than just having a skimmed knowledge on multiple things. It’s of course a lot to think about.
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