Reimagine Arkansas, a local social media outlet, approached me to craft a set of dynamic graphics, adaptable to various digital platforms. The aim? To vividly convey the stories of fellow Arkansans. Notably, Reimagine Arkansas underlines its non-political stance and emphasizes its mission to amplify the voices of individuals across the political and cultural spectrum, voices often overlooked by traditional news and social media.
Project Description
During the times of the global pandemic and racial tension, Arkansans grappled with the complexities of survival and prosperity. Reimagine Arkansas is on a mission to forge a shared vision for a brighter future, one that benefits all. The concept is straightforward: engage individuals closely acquainted with these challenges in conversations and elevate their narratives and experiences to foster public understanding and, hopefully, guide consequential decision-making.
To materialize this vision, Reimagine Arkansas partners with cohorts of creatives. Our task? To translate conversations with often-unheard voices across the state— voices reflecting how COVID-19 has impacted their lives and their visions for the future—into compelling artwork. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential of amplifying these marginalized voices.
First Story
“I respect conversation and communication. In communication, dialogue is, you speak, I listen, absorb, respond. I speak, you listen, absorb, and respond. Monologue is, people just spitting out whatever they want to say—and too many times stuff is just competing monologues, not dialogues. Someone's saying something. Other people are not saying something. I try my best to engage in dialogues and discussions.” - @bigpiph, #littlerock
The quote describes how a conversation should be fluid, a back-and-forth rather than something one-sided or stagnant. I used a warm and cool-colored gradient to pull in that theme and add movement to the design. Using dark and white colors for the illustrations themselves would stand out against the gradient background. Illustrations themselves I wanted to keep it clean and very simple to show the simplicity of the concept of a conversation.

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