Now for this passage, it should be read by everyone struggling with interviews. Seriously don't just take my word for it! But if you want to hang in there to read my thoughts on it first you're more then welcome to and then please check it out for yourself. 
Number one (and I loved this because I love analogies, helps me understand things better; see them in a different way), recognize that this is where the relationship with the company starts.  This is the first date, they know your are giving them your best-self, they know! So make it as enjoyable as possible. If you just complain or smash talk about previous employers, they take notice. If you are leaving your present workplace and feel that it is vital to get across that you are not happy there that's cool. But they already know or else why would you be there. Just relay this information differently. Talk about why we want their job, the things we would look forward to by being there. 
Next research research research... Don't just look them up online and stop there. Yes, of course you want to get a feel for them when you read their about and what the job title would entail, but these are just summaries. If you've gotten the chance to get your foot in the door with an interview that is the perfect chance to ask them questions. Going back to the date analogy, you aren't going to just want to know what hanging out or going on dates with this company will be like (if you're looking for long-term). You're going to want to know things like what it will be like to essentially "live" with them, what the conflicts may be, will their work progress impede my own or will they flow together, are they a place that pushes me/encourages me to learn on the job or only stay in my lane and stick to what I know? All important. 
Then the follow-up. Many debate this; to follow-up or to not follow-up. Even if the reading had suggested against it, I was always taught to follow-up. Luckily it agrees that we should follow-up, but this needs to go beyond the "hey, is the job still available?" or "I'm still here waiting". This is all about making connections, send them something that will not only get them to remember you, but that will reconnect with them. Get them to remember that "fist date" interview.

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