It's becoming increasingly apparent that our Earth is being negatively impacted by human behaviors like overproduction, excessive consumption, and wastefulness, among others. With this project, I centered my focus on addressing the question: "How can we break down the barriers that prevent people from understanding their environmental impact and taking meaningful actions to reduce it, all while making sustainable choices more accessible?" This inquiry led me on a journey to conceptualize a solution, and the result is Eco Evolution – a system designed for those who aspire to make eco-conscious choices but need a rewarding and motivating framework to kickstart their journey.
Research Discoveries
To better understand the needs and challenges of those who desire a sustainable lifestyle but struggle to adopt it, I began with personal interviews and a priority card sorting activity, which guided the formulation of my survey questions. I engaged with individuals who identified as environmentally conscious but faced difficulties in making eco-friendly choices. Through this process, several key themes and insights emerged. Many expressed a deep-seated belief in the importance of environmental stewardship, driven by a sense of responsibility toward future generations.
Common Hurdles & Obstacles
Some of the primary obstacles people encountered included budget constraints, particularly regarding the affordability of eco-friendly products. Others faced conflicts with their existing lifestyles due to work or family commitments, making research and eco-friendly transitions seem overwhelming. Accessibility was also a common concern, as some lived in areas where eco-friendly products or services were not readily available.
The Eco Evolution sustainability kit is designed to empower individuals who are ready to take their first steps toward an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This kit provides essential tools to assist users in reducing their reliance on single-use plastics, a major environmental concern. Through reminders, progress tracking, visibility into their positive contributions, and rewards for consistent use, users will be motivated and inspired to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily routines. Our aim is to offer everyone an opportunity to contribute to a healthier planet through their choices.
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