My first natural response after reading is, “Wow! That was some great stuff!” I felt grateful to receive such great information and advice, and truly felt comforted that if I truly put the work in find out what it is that I want to do, I can get the job of my choice. I was also grateful for the attitude adjustment it gave me about the beginnings of my graphic design career. I like many others probably believe that you have to “pay dues” before even thinking of going after awesome big positions… I love how it said, a job “it’s not a prize to win, but rather a relationship to cultivate and learn from so that you can continue to GROW.”
I really appreciated that the reading stressed it’s not just about experience but the right kind of experience. Now it seems like common sense but honestly, I never thought of looking at the qualifications of a job (that I didn’t yet have) as goals, education, or experience to work towards. I would naturally just skip onto the next listing if I didn’t meet one of the qualifications. Never really looking at it and seeing what it is that I need to work on or learn if I actually wanted to have that job in the future.
Another point I didn’t think too much about was the part about forming and keeping up with personal connections. You might not stay at your first job forever, but those connections you form can be the bonus relationship that helps you put your foot in the door at another place.

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