A conceptual design for a local ultimate frisbee league: NWA Ultimate aims to promote active lifestyles, teach character, and unite a community for all ages through the sport of ultimate frisbee. They also aim to be a fun, family-friendly place where people can enjoy ultimate frisbee games and tournaments in Northwest Arkansas. Welcoming individuals of all playing abilities.
The circle would reference not only the frisbee, but also a community; as well as the inner circles that also represent individual members of the community, at different levels for different ages. The middle shape connects the circles as one body and can also be a tree that references the sport being played outdoors and the awesome nature that NW Arkansas is known for. I custom made the font, I wanted something that would have clean lines that also reached longer in places (like one reaching for a frisbee) and invoke motion (like the three lines making the E). I highlighted the A's which are also arrows pointing up that symbolize the actions/motions of those playing ultimate frisbee. The blue and the green were colors taken from a nature scene shot of NW Arkansas. I also added a texture overlay of grass over the whole thing, to emphasize the sport being played outdoors, also perhaps wanting people to be more outdoors, and the ruggedness of the overall sport one might encounter while playing. 

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