As designers, we are constantly communicating or trying to create open lines of communication with our audience. Through visual language and cues, it can be really hard to get our message across many times.  Signals can get crossed or blocks that prevent our messages from getting through. As people who are constantly engaging and communicating it wouldn't hurt to try and grasp some basics of communication? 

With my No Equity Without Empathy communication model, I aim to show one of the many ways communication works, specifically in a human-centered designed lens. Though one can quickly see that it can be applied to many real-life scenarios. If the communicators cannot come together with empathy for the other party, messages, ideas, and many other things can impede on being able to come together to find solutions. But when empathy is present the exchange, flow, and blend of ideas can merge to be able to generate multiple relevant outcomes that can hopefully truly make a difference. 

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