The makers of Ozark Beer Co. Lacie Bray and Andy Coates have been on a constant journey together figuratively and literally for many years. Their journey to the business of hand-crafted brews, however, began in 2010. After many adventures and new locations throughout the States, Lacie chose their next adventure to South America. As they say "they turned off their cell phone service at the airport and boarded a plane for South America with one-way tickets".  As the months went on they traveled to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. With this type–based beer brand identity project, I aimed to capture their story and spirit of leaving behind the comforts of everyday life to just take a trip off the grid! To read their full story visit their site here.

   Original photo by Giacomo Buzzao on Unsplash

Lacie's and Andy's travels to South America became the overall theme for the brand of this new summer brew. The name, Off The Grid, encompasses their spirit of turning off their phones and flying to a whole other continent. As the "eyes" of the letters in the logotype are blacked out, it adds another element of adventure into the unknown and unplugging from the world. The textured retro style of the logotype references their history along with the history of the countries they traveled to and the uneven terrain encountered. 
You also can't help but come across vibrant flavors and colors when in South America. Which makes this low alcohol, Berliner Weisse (a traditionally fruity beer), the perfect foundation for this beer that is infused with passion fruit, pineapple, and a hint of Spanish lime. These traditional fruits of the region helped to inspire the color palette, to visually display the drink's energy and the trip your palate will experience. The duality of the background also references the North and South continents; the bottom (South America), is black as that is where the couple went off the grid. The tagline "take a trip", acts to bring these pieces of the concept together.  
To balance the funky textured quality of the logotype the rest of the copy is displayed in a clean sans serif typeface, but still keeping to that round approachable look. With the Ozark Beer Co. mark anchors the copy on the back that reads: 
"This refreshingly tart beer is perfect to unplug and enjoy a perfect summer night! It was inspired by the South American travels of Lacie and Andy, the makers of Ozark Beer Co.  This American made Berliner Weisse 50% wheat, 50% barley, is a perfect harmony between yeast and fruity acidity. Infused with the fresh tropical flavors of passion fruit, pineapple and a hint of Spanish lime."
The following promotional material, keeping in line with the adventurous theme of the concept, serves to promote this new summer specialty in addition to the message to be bold, be daring, and ready to take a trip, preferably off the grid.

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