In my thoughts, I've written a more detailed blog post about the actual event (which you can read here), focusing on the human-centered designed activities we put together and how we partied up with the community. But to give it to you short and sweet we (my Human-Centered Design class and I) worked with a local teen support outreach program in Springdale, AR known as TASC or Teen Action & Support Center. Who wanted to reach out to, unify, and become a part of the community they were serving.
Outside of all of that, there was a lot of design work that happened before the block party. Branding 'Building the Block' which would continue to expand as a program/system that could be taken to many areas in the country to help revitalize and connect communities through a series of block parties. Then there was also the branding and advertising the local event. It will be the first of many and we needed to make sure that it represented the community and the message of those hosting the event. I lead the branding team for the main event. Coming up with a name, mark, color palette, the whole branding system to be able to deliver consistent materials and assets. Such as yard signs, hand-outs, social media graphics, welcome sign, signs for the booths and raffle. 
To wrap up the event as a group we compiled the whole journey of the visual experience and the research we had done, into a book that would be given to TASC. It began with our research methods, the branding journey, prototyping, and ideating activities, to the execution, and our findings and observations. We each were in charge of different sections of the book, I was in charge of designing and laying out the introduction and the branding for the main event. 

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